The scary statue!

I was walking in the museum until I saw a very interesting statue…so I thought to my self that maybe it would be cool if I touched it! So I became closer and closer to the statue until I saw a guard yelling and running, “KID KID! IM WARNING YOU, YOU DO NOT, I REAPET, DO NOT WANT TO TOUCH THAT STATUE!” But the guard was to late I already touch it, to my surprise nothing happened…

Until I heard a rumble and the ground started shaking the guard yelled again “RUUUN!” I was so scared…but then I asked to myself, where is my mum and dad?

Balloons are not that scary!

Are balloon’s really scary!? I have never thought that they could be. Balloons are definitely not that frighting because say if you kicked a brown balloon, the balloon wouldn’t kick you back right? Balloons aren’t that frighting, if you pop a balloon you would definitely not be frightened because you are probably use to that sound, unless of course if you’re a baby fox.


If you were at a birthday party, of-course there would be balloons around you! So its not like your gonna run away.  The balloons aren’t going to chase you!