I was about to clean up the shed because mum and dad tolled me too! But shortly after arriving to the shed with all of my tools, I suddenly hear disturbing noises coming from the cupboard on the right, covered with tons of dust all over it! I think about opening it, although I decide to just start cleaning up everything and leave it to the end. Yet I still hear things coming from the inside the dusty old cupboard, I couldn’t handle it anymore! I walk up to the cupboard and open it


A flying cockroach comes straight towards my face!

“I didn’t realise they could fly!” I said in horror.


One thought on “Cockroaches”

  1. Oh, my goodness Josie – this is my worst nightmare! I dislike cockroaches immensely. I would be horrified if one flew at my face. I enjoyed your careful description of the setting, and of what happened, and can see the effort you put into using a variety of sentence lengths. I enjoyed reading your writing this week. 🙏😊

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