What if I Ruled World

I woke up sweating in fear, not able to cooperate with the darkness of the  world…

In my dream I was a ruler, i had control over everyone and everything. I had a castle with mushrooms that healed me, Oars next to hundreds of kayaks surrounding the castle. I had wrinkles, I was old and I had nothing to do about it …I was scared and alone, nobody around to help. But it was peaceful and calming I was wistful of waking up that morning…

One thought on “What if I Ruled World”

  1. Hello Josie,
    You did an excellent job incorporating all the words from this week’s challenge! My favorite line of your story was your “…not able to cooperate with the darkness of the world.” The feel that line evoked in me was a strong one.
    Keep your creativity going!
    Francine (Team 100)
    Twin Cities, Minnesota USA

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