I thought It was just a dream…

I thought It was just a dream…


I was sleeping, sound asleep, I then awoken from the sound creepy music from under my bed. Suddenly, I saw something slowly climbing from my bed to the roof, staring down at me…At first I thought it was just a weird nightmare but it became more realistic by the second! I saw a furry ear pop up from the strange creature’s head, like it heard something. It then jumped off the ceiling and rushed outside. I decided it was a good idea to follow it! I went outside to see what it was doing but it seemed like he used the vehicle to runaway!

I never got to see it again.

We Get Braver Everyday

There was the most brave, caring, loving and thoughtful soldier, who fought through the war with courage and loyalty. His name was unknown but his actions were to be remembered.  Saving hundreds of people from the terror of the war. He killed 12 men knowing he was fighting for his country plus his life. But he knew it was wrong so he sacrificed himself for others, suffocating under piles of sand and rocks. The actions caused people to fled away from the scene, leaving his body rotting underground. Decades later, people have found the body then scientist studied the body and made a memorial around him.

We Get Braver Everyday


Could You Get Some Bread?


My mum suddenly rushed into my room and opened the door with a loud BANG!


“Why!?” I scrambled of off my bed.

“How dare you back chat me!”

“Whatever, why do I need to go to the shops?”


“ALRIGHT!” I cried.

I sprinted to the nearby restaurant, I look at the chef.

“Which way to the shops?” I panted.

He says, “that way.”

I sprint to the shops. I get a text from mum saying,  could you get some bread?





I was about to clean up the shed because mum and dad tolled me too! But shortly after arriving to the shed with all of my tools, I suddenly hear disturbing noises coming from the cupboard on the right, covered with tons of dust all over it! I think about opening it, although I decide to just start cleaning up everything and leave it to the end. Yet I still hear things coming from the inside the dusty old cupboard, I couldn’t handle it anymore! I walk up to the cupboard and open it


A flying cockroach comes straight towards my face!

“I didn’t realise they could fly!” I said in horror.


The Rock Creature

“Woah, cool rock I guess!” said the tourist and paused “ this isn’t just any rock..! this is the missing rock from the museum! Legends say it moves out of the ground, imagine catching that on camera ..”

“Yeah right, its just a dumb rock” Some random guy from behind the tourist says.

The tourist starts trembling saying “hey don’t be so rude, yo-u don’t know anything!”

The rock starts crumbling and moving! It pops out of the ground with two legs, eyes and a nose!

“IM NO DUMB ROCK!” Says the creature.

“Oh no, NOT AGAIN!” says the strange man.

“uh oh” we both say terrified.

The tourist takes a photo.



The Deadly Storm

                         The Deadly Storm


I watch outside my window. Another lighting struck the across the city. So many loved ones lost, we need somebody to stop this, we cant just live like this WE. NEED. HELP!


Houses got struck.


Trees getting pulled by the dreadful scene.


“NO!” I cried

My family screaming so loud my ears wanna burst.

The lighting struck my house. My house tumbles down the huge hill, there is nothing I can do to stop it…I hit my head repeatedly with ‘stains’ all over the walls.


Until a flash of light, then darkness…

What if I Ruled World

I woke up sweating in fear, not able to cooperate with the darkness of the  world…

In my dream I was a ruler, i had control over everyone and everything. I had a castle with mushrooms that healed me, Oars next to hundreds of kayaks surrounding the castle. I had wrinkles, I was old and I had nothing to do about it …I was scared and alone, nobody around to help. But it was peaceful and calming I was wistful of waking up that morning…

The lure of the darkness

The Lure of The Darkness


I was in a mysterious room, suddenly darkness enveloped the room. I could vividly remember in my mind me playing outside with my siblings. But that was long ago until they disappeared…

All I see is darkness I cant remember how I got here but all I know is this is definitely not my lovely, average home.

I hope to see my family again! But I don’t think I have much time left…While I was slowly turning even more depressed, I heard a knock on the door!


When I heard the voice, I knew there was hope…

The scary statue!

I was walking in the museum until I saw a very interesting statue…so I thought to my self that maybe it would be cool if I touched it! So I became closer and closer to the statue until I saw a guard yelling and running, “KID KID! IM WARNING YOU, YOU DO NOT, I REAPET, DO NOT WANT TO TOUCH THAT STATUE!” But the guard was to late I already touch it, to my surprise nothing happened…

Until I heard a rumble and the ground started shaking the guard yelled again “RUUUN!” I was so scared…but then I asked to myself, where is my mum and dad?

Balloons are not that scary!

Are balloon’s really scary!? I have never thought that they could be. Balloons are definitely not that frighting because say if you kicked a brown balloon, the balloon wouldn’t kick you back right? Balloons aren’t that frighting, if you pop a balloon you would definitely not be frightened because you are probably use to that sound, unless of course if you’re a baby fox.


If you were at a birthday party, of-course there would be balloons around you! So its not like your gonna run away.  The balloons aren’t going to chase you!